A man named Mr. Tom Who was mowing his own lawn Fell down with a thud! Into super sticky mud He tried to shift and rustle But he couldn’t move a muscle He tried calling 911, but he could reach his phone He was surprised he got stuck, he isn’t accident-prone. He was very unlucky … More Stuck!

The Universe

The world is big The world is great The world is all we see But there are more galaxies But if you go super far You will see billions of stars The sky will be like a canvas There are even more planets There are black holes in sky As shooting stars start to fly … More The Universe


The score is 14 to 10, 1 minute on the clock All the fans are tense everybody is in shock He passes the ball back To the Quarterback He quickly throws a short pass After he caught the ball and gets knocked to the grass The crowd lets out a huge roar But the downs are … More Football


There was a boy who wanted to play in the snow But since it was summer he couldn’t really go He waited all year But the sky was clear Because he was in Cairo!


Lots of magma miles below Start to rise about to blow The ground starts to rumble And the people start to tumble Then there is a crack in the peak Then the lava starts to leak Then people start to stare Because soon there is lava everywhere The magma inside is boiling hot And inside … More Volcano

3 Days In Panama

We went to Panama, a piece of land that is at the end of Central America. The city we were in was Panama City, the capital of Panama. We got on a taxi ready to go to the hotel. On the drive we saw giant structures and cranes near the water. We saw many big … More 3 Days In Panama

The Explorer

There was a man who wanted to explore And he was ready to venture So he ran out of the door And then started his adventure He walked over a hill And saw many birds and bees Then he built his own grill And also ate some cheese After the grilling he put on his … More The Explorer

New York

We drove to New York ready to tour New York City. The place was going to be super crowded because it was Christmas season. We first were going to see the Statue of Liberty in the morning. So we got up all excited to drive to New York. I knew that it York was a wonderful place even … More New York


The best meal I ever had is a cheese or chocolate fondue in a pot And it tastes better when it is nice, molten, and hot I take some bread and dip it in the cheese And for the chocolate I use strawberries This is the best treat There is no food that it can’t … More Fondue